User Access Management

Secure Access, Simplified Management, Superior Control.

Streamline operations with our User Access Management solution. Enhance security and ensure seamless user experiences. Automate and simplify your processes, designed for service automation.


Highlights of Our Product

End-to-end governance for secure and efficient user access management.

Seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and business systems.

Digitally driven workflows for streamlined user access control.

Actionable insights and analytics for informed decision-making.


Product Modules

User Access Management

SapphireIMS' User Access Management is a comprehensive solution that streamlines operations, enhances security, and ensures superior user experiences. It offers seamless integration with existing systems, digitally driven workflows, and compliance via automated audit trails and regular access reviews. Experience the ease of simplified processes and the protection of your organization's resources and sensitive information.

Service Automation

Service Automation enhances UAM processes, improving efficiency and security. It automates routine tasks, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives. The result is a faster, more reliable service, and superior experience for employees, optimized resource utilization, reduced operational errors, and enhanced security through effective access rights management. Experience the revolution of Service Automation.


Key Features of Our Product

Modular software, shared folder, and DL access request forms.

Easy-to-use Dynamic Forms

Enforce policies via the platform's business rules, RPA/DMN, and scripting capabilities.

Policy Enforcement

Manage sequential/parallel approvals based on application, department, level, etc.

Multi-Level Approvals

Centralized portal for comprehensive access control.

Integrated Management

Role-based, unit-based, and department-based security levels

Granular Access Control

Compatible with existing IT infrastructure and systems.

Seamless Integration

Visualize data and gain valuable insights for enhanced decision-making.

Insightful Analytics

Secure, round-the-clock access from any location via the omni-channel interface.

Omni-Channel Access






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