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Back-office Digitization and Automation Solutions for Banking and Financial Services Organizations

Banks and Financial services need high precision and high efficiency functions to deliver superior customer experience. However, the non-core back office processes and the manual operations tend to pull down the progress. SapphireIMS brings you a suite of solutions that can completely digitize and automate your back-office operations to make your financial services organization 3x faster with improved people and asset productivity.  The solution is customized to the BFSI industry with domain specific templates, compliant with the industry norms, and built by industry experts.

Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

Streamline and improve the workflow and experience of employee transitions.


System Access Request Across The Organization

Manage, control and secure the system access based on the employee role.


Consistent Customer Support Experience

Rapidly predict and preempt customer support issues. 


Vendor Management

Have a single source of truth with 100% visibility into your vendor performance.  


Inter Branch Operations

Bring operational consistency across your branches to deliver predictable savings.


Break-down the silos and standardize the service management across your back-office functions  

Employee productivity automatically doubles as soon as all the organizational functions are aligned and digitized. SapphireIMS brings together all your functions, such as travel, HR, admin, finance, facilities and project management to break-down the silos and operate as one unit. 


Automate your HR operation, integrate services with other functions, deliver quick resolutions to the employee requests and improve productivity.



Significantly reduce costs by having a 100% visibility into the back-office operational costs, your asset utilization, and vendor management.



Our Pre-built templates help you stay on top of the compliance and regulatory status be it industry or geography or function related. 


Facility / Admin

Streamline and automate day-to-day routine workflows related to facilities, hospitality and other admin tasks.



Deliver superior experience with robust ITSM and rapidly improve productivity with the IT operations management module. 


Governance, Risk, and Compliance was never so simple and sorted

SapphireIMS cuts across all the functions and gives you a singular dashboard to monitor and manage the high-risk areas, non-compliance, audit results, and preemptive insights. The pre-built templates, intelligent automation and alignment to the BFSI specific regulations ensure that you get to prioritize and manage all the compliances and risks. 

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage your asset integrity with a 100% visibility into the procure to retire process. 


Auto Discovery and Inventory

At a single click, get the minutest of detail from a diverse range of assets.


Software License Compliance

Constantly monitor and automatically blacklist unauthorized license usage.


IT Policy Compliance

Automate and remotely enforce the IT policy management with just a few clicks.


Patch Management

Remotely manage all the patch, OS and security upgrades. No more manual intervention.


Software Deployment

Control the unauthorized installations by remotely deploying the required software. 


Software Blacklisting

Automatically blacklist any unauthorized software in any location to be compliant and secure.


USB Control

Set up control policies on USB usage to avoid unwanted data transfers and malware injections.


Core Features

RPA-enabled and ITIL-based

The Robotic Process Automation enables you to intelligently automate the processes and integrate them with business applications quickly.

72 Hour IMplementation and ROI in 3 MOnths

72 hours is all it takes to implement to your domain and you can see the ROI within 3 months of usage

Smooth Integration

Our flexible APIs and connectors ensure that the solution is integrated seamlessly with your enterprise systems.

On-Premise and SaaS

The codeless configuration and the flexibility of on-premise and SaaS model accelerates the implementation.

Ready-to-use Solution with Pre-Built Templates

The Pre-Built templates help you to rapidly standardize and automate the back-office processes 

Intelligent Reporting

The intuitive dashboards and reports give you a 100% visibility and enable you to improve service delivery performance through SLA measurements, compliance and escalations.

Success Stories

End-to-end Back office digitization for a new-age private bank


Implemented Customer care contact centers that resulted in high customer satisfaction by issue resolution. 

Set up staff reimbursement portal to enable effortless employee claims like travel/food bills

Enterprise asset management solution that automates vendor management process, IT and Non-IT assets procurement requests, proposal release to registered vendors, finalizing vendors, obtaining the Goods and releasing payments.

Digitizing the Enterprise Asset and IT Service Management for a Financial Holding Company


Implemented an end-to-end IT Asset Management to help the client get complete visibility of IT assets spread across their distributed branch networks

Defined multiple IT policy rules and  enabled better governance in line with the RBI mandates

Implemented a centralized help desk  for all branch locations right from handling legal agreements, rental contracts, interiors, furnishing, marketing and sales.

Procure to Pay and Asset Tracking for a Large State Co-Operative Bank


A state-of-the-art procurement to pay process is implemented through SapphireIMS back-office automation framework that carried out all procurements related to IT/ Facility/Engineering. 

Provided better visibility and tightened the IT/Admin spend on consumables, such as Printer paper bundles/printer cartridges, Mouse, RAM, Keyboards across the branches. 

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