Procure to Pay

Streamline Procurement-to-Payments

With SapphireIMS P2P, we streamline your procurement-to-payment process by automating workflows, enhancing supplier engagement, and improving visibility, thus ensuring efficient vendor interactions, expenditure tracking, and compliance.


Highlights of Our Product

Comprehensive procurement and payment governance solution for end-to-end tracking and control.

Seamlessly integrate with business operations/systems such as, ERP, Accounting/Payment Tools, EAM, Vendor/Supplier Management, etc..

Digitally driven workflows to drive and monitor every activity.

Useful insights & analytics to help you take informed and relevant decisions


Product Modules

PR & PO Management

In our P2P solution, we've designed our Procurement Requisition & Purchase Order Management module to streamline your purchasing process. We help you optimize spending, reduce manual errors, and enforce budget controls. Our predefined workflows ensure compliance, while our audit trails promote transparency. Plus, we foster better vendor relationships through effective communication.

Payment & Invoice Processing

Our Payment & Invoice Processing module automates your payment and invoice processing, reducing costs and errors by eliminating manual data entry and duplicate payments. Our predefined workflows ensure compliance and security, while our audit trails promote transparency. Plus, we improve cash flow and vendor relationships by ensuring timely invoice payments and effective communication.

Vendor Portal & Budget Tracking

Our add-on P2P modules such as Vendor Portal & Budget Tracking, streamline vendor interactions and budget utilization. Our self-service portal empowers vendors to manage POs, upload quotes & invoices, track payment status, and communicate effectively. Our system ensures transparency and accountability with comprehensive audit trails and reports and helps monitor and control budget spending.


SapphireIMS GRN, simplifies the management of goods received notes (GRN) and purchased inventory tracking. Create and manage GRNs for your purchase orders and invoices, and generate insightful reports and dashboards for GRN and inventory analysis. Upgrade to our Asset On-Boarding module for seamless on-boarding of procured assets into your Asset Register.


Key Features of Our Product

Capture in-depth details of the procurement and bill of materials

Easy-to-use Dynamic Forms

Use the platform's business rules creation, RPA/DMN, and scripting capabilities to enforce policies.

Enforce Procurement Policies

Manage sequential/parallel approvals based on type and/or value, etc., related to the procurement.

Multiple Approval Levels

Manage vendor actions using integrated vendor portal with helpdesk capabilities.

Quote & Invoice Management

Implement granular access control, enabling role-based, unit-based, and department-based security levels

Robust Access Control

Easily integratie with ERPs or payment solutions to automatically trigger payments or other actions.

Seamless Integration

Visualize data and gain valuable insights for enhanced decision-making.

Advanced Analytics

Enjoy secure, 24/7 access from anywhere via the omni-channel interface, ensuring convenience and flexibility

Omni-Channel Access






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SapphireIMS makes your business functions and processes agile by digitizing and automating your back-office functions.

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