IT Asset Management

Maximize Productivity with Intelligent Asset and Operations Management

Unlock operational efficiency and maximize productivity with our Intelligent Asset and Operations Management. Streamline workflows, optimize resources, and enhance overall performance for business excellence


Highlights of Our Product

Comprehensive solution that unifies processes and drives operational excellence across the organization.

An intuitive system, adapting effortlessly to diverse organizational sizes and process maturity levels.

Unlocking efficiency and actionable insights through advanced technologies

Enable end-to-end integration for efficient processes, connecting with ERP Systems and Smart Tags seamlessly


Product Modules

Assets and Inventory Management

SapphireIMS Asset and Inventory Management module empowers organizations with robust features. Create, manage, and track assets, parts, and consumables effortlessly. Ensure compliance with audits, life cycle status updates, and generate unique IDs and QR codes for streamlined asset management. Master your assets with efficiency and precision

Service Operations Management

Revolutionize service delivery by seamlessly integrating helpdesk and service management, ensuring automated preventive maintenance and scheduled inspections. Robust capabilities, including SLA management, auto-scheduling, intelligent work assignment, and more, empower organizations to optimize their service operations with efficiency and precision

Advanced Asset Workflows

Choose our Advanced Asset Workflows module for intricate processes. Digitize and automate asset operations, including registration, retirement, disposal, requests, movements, work orders, work permits, and more. Leveraging our low-code Workflow Studio, this solution offers highly configurable options with hyper-automation for seamless governance


Experience seamless connectivity with our Integrations module. Effortlessly integrate Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), RFIDs, and IoT for enhanced asset tracking. Achieve complete synchronization by connecting with ERP, Procure-to-Pay (P2P), and other solutions, ensuring a unified and efficient operational ecosystem. Streamline data exchange and optimize workflows for maximum productivity.


Key Features of Our Product

Gain real-time visibility into asset location, status, and lifecycle across the organization.

Configurable Asset Registers

Conduct regular audits and compliance checks effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and adherence to standards.

Integrated Asset Audits

Implement automated preventive maintenance schedules to enhance asset reliability and longevity

Preventive Maintenance Automation

Manage the entire asset lifecycle, from procurement to retirement, with detailed insights into each stage

Digitized Lifecycle Management

Gain real-time visibility into asset location, status, and lifecycle across the organization.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking

Implement granular access control, enabling role-based, unit-based, and department-based security levels

Robust Access Control

Gain profound insights and visualize data from individual risk levels to the organization level, enhancing decision-making.

Advanced Analytics

Ensure streamlined complaint reporting and timely resolution aligned with predefined Service Level Agreements

Intuitive Helpdesk Module






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