HR Service Management

Empower HR Excellence with SapphireIMS…

SapphireIMS automates routine HR requests, freeing teams to focus on engagement, retention, and strategic initiatives. Enhance productivity by shifting from mundane tasks to impactful HR strategies.


Highlights of Our Product

Nurture a highly engaged workforce, driving productivity and innovation.

Seamlessly scale survey management and data analysis as your workforce grows

Leverage Real-time Employee Feedback for Data-Driven HR Decisions

Pinpoint and address dissatisfaction, boosting retention.


Product Modules

Employee surveys

Cultivating Engagement, Accelerating Success… SapphireIMS offers a powerful Employee Survey solution, that is designed to gather valuable insights to create a dynamic work environment. Our tool empowers organizations to listen to their employees, engage, and drive positive change for their most valuable asset – their employees, from measuring satisfaction to identifying areas for improvement.

Feedback Management

Empowering Excellence Through Insights..... SapphireIMS Feedback Management offers a comprehensive solution for gathering, analyzing, and acting on feedback from customers, employees, and partners. centralizes feedback from multiple sources, including surveys, reviews, and social media. The user-friendly interface simplifies survey creation, feedback collection, and real-time analysis, fostering informed decisions and performance enhancement.

Rewards Management

Where Recognition Inspires Excellence... SapphireIMS Rewards Management transforms employee acknowledgment, fostering a culture of appreciation through seamless design, allocation, and tracking of rewards. Tailor scalable and flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of any organization, boosting engagement and promoting extraordinary performance.

HR Helpdesks

Prioritizing Uninterrupted Business Performance… SapphireIMS HR Helpdesk streamlines HR-employee interactions, enhancing service delivery. An integrated interface for requests and inquiries streamlines processes, adopting efficiency and improving employee satisfaction. The user-friendly portal manages HR-related queries, updates, and issue resolution, seamlessly integrating with your existing HRMS system.


Key Features of Our Product

Swiftly deploy with pre-built templates and workflows for every module, reducing setup time.

Effortless Deployment Excellence

Scale effortlessly to any business process and offices globally.

Affordable & Scalable

Built-in intelligence to analyze and recommend appropriate action.

Context-aware and Automation enabled

Extreme Flexibility and Streamlined Low-Code Configuration.

Low code

Seamlessly Integrate, Digitize and automate any process easily and effectively.

Flexible and configurable platform

Implement granular access control, enabling role-based, unit-based, and department-based security levels

Robust Access Control

Gain profound insights and visualize data from individual risk levels to the organization level, enhancing decision-making.

Advanced Analytics

Empower Stakeholders with Real-Time Updates, Anytime, Anywhere.

Omni-Channel Access






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SapphireIMS makes your business functions and processes agile by digitizing and automating your back-office functions.

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