Grievance Management

Resolve Grievances, Foster Harmony…

SapphireIMS Grievance Management streamlines employee grievances with a fair, transparent approach. A scalable, customizable solution centralizing submission, tracking, and updates ensures effective communication, timely resolutions, and organizational transparency.


Highlights of Our Product

Protected reputation and brand image

Reduced risk of litigation and disciplinary proceedings.

Improved adherence to industry regulations and internal policies

Improved workplace culture and reduced employee turnover


Product Modules

Grievance Helpdesk

Pathway to Harmonious Workplace Relations.... The SapphireIMS Grievance Helpdesk provides a centralized platform that enables staff members to easily submit, track, and address grievances, promoting a fair and open work environment. Enable your workforce to effectively handle issues with real-time information, streamlined workflows, and secure data management.

Compliance Management

Navigate the complexities of compliance with confidence… Embrace regulatory excellence with SapphireIMS Compliance Management, simplifying compliance, mitigating risks, and elevating your organization's reputation. It offers a centralized platform to track and monitor compliance activities, assess risks, and automate workflows.

Audit Management

Audits Simplified, Excellence Amplified… Transform your audit approach with SapphireIMS, where audit excellence meets simplicity. Empower compliance seamlessly with efficient planning, execution, and tracking. This robust platform ensures proactive risk management and continuous improvement. Centralized data, automated workflows, and real-time insights facilitate streamlined audit processes, enhancing organizational resilience


Experience seamless connectivity with our Integrations module. Effortlessly integrate Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), RFIDs, and IoT for enhanced asset tracking. Achieve complete synchronization by connecting with ERP, Procure-to-Pay (P2P), and other solutions, ensuring a unified and efficient operational ecosystem. Streamline data exchange and optimize workflows for maximum productivity.


Key Features of Our Product

Seamlessly navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, audits & grievances.

Effortless Deployment Excellence

Centralized grievance tracking and management & Enhanced employee satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Centralized Grievance Management

Built-in intelligence to analyze and recommend appropriate action.

Context-aware and Automation enabled

Stay continuously compliant with regulations and avoid penalties.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Seamlessly Integrate, Digitize and automate any process easily and effectively.

Flexible and configurable platform

Implement granular access control, enabling role-based, unit-based, and department-based security levels

Robust Access Control

Gain profound insights and visualize data from individual risk levels to the organization level, enhancing decision-making.

Advanced Analytics

Empower Stakeholders with Real-Time Updates, Anytime, Anywhere.

Omni-Channel Access






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