Finance Service Management

Streamlined finances, amplified agility, and empowered business.…

SapphireIMS Financial Service Management simplifies processes, from advances to claims, prioritizing self-service. It streamlines workflows, and slashes turnaround times, ensuring a transformative and superior employee experience.


Highlights of Our Product

Centralized data hub: Manage incentive data effectively to track performance and make informed decisions.

Reduced expense leakage by identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Greater control over expenses, reducing the risk of overspending and budget overruns.

Ensure adherence to company expense policies, minimizing the risk of fraud and non-compliance.


Product Modules

Incentive management

Empowering employees to achieve excellence… With SapphireIMS Incentive Management solution, streamline the process of motivating and rewarding your employees. Our solution centralizes operations, simplifies data management, and facilitates better planning of future incentives. Showcase top performers and optimize incentive costs with SapphireIMS.

Expense Management

Mastering Financial Precision, Empowering Growth... SapphireIMS Expense Management is the ultimate solution to streamline expenses effortlessly, from expense entry to reimbursement, enforce compliance, and gain actionable insights for smarter financial decisions. Control costs, boost efficiency, and elevate your financial strategy with SapphireIMS.

Finance Helpdesk

Enhancing Finance Inquiry Handling... Discover SapphireIMS Finance Helpdesk Solutions, the efficient way to handle a wide range of finance-related inquiries and requests for internal staff, partners, and vendors. The solution addresses a broad spectrum of topics, from salary and reimbursements to IT and document-related queries, with an emphasis on streamlining back-office operations and guaranteeing timely request handling.


Experience seamless connectivity with our Integrations module. Effortlessly integrate Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), RFIDs, and IoT for enhanced asset tracking. Achieve complete synchronization by connecting with ERP, Procure-to-Pay (P2P), and other solutions, ensuring a unified and efficient operational ecosystem. Streamline data exchange and optimize workflows for maximum productivity.


Key Features of Our Product

Swiftly deploy with pre-built templates and workflows for every module, reducing setup time.

Effortless Deployment Excellence

A unified view of financial performance and to make informed decisions.

Centralized Financial Data Management

Built-in intelligence to analyze and recommend appropriate action.

Context-aware and Automation enabled

Stay compliant with financial regulations and avoid penalties.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Seamlessly Integrate, Digitize and automate any process easily and effectively.

Flexible and configurable platform

Implement granular access control, enabling role-based, unit-based, and department-based security levels

Robust Access Control

Gain profound insights and visualize data from individual risk levels to the organization level, enhancing decision-making.

Advanced Analytics

Empower Stakeholders with Real-Time Updates, Anytime, Anywhere.

Omni-Channel Access






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SapphireIMS makes your business functions and processes agile by digitizing and automating your back-office functions.

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