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Single Platform to Manage all types of Organizational Assets
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SapphireIMS Asset Management Solution

End-to-End Asset Management Solution

Do you know that on an average, 10% of real assets are not even part of the organizational asset data. While this discrepancy keeps increasing every year, the organizations struggle with multiple asset data reports that each department produces.

SapphireIMS helps you with a “Single Source of Truth” asset management data covering your entire organization. Our automated solution ensures that the asset data flows seamlessly between your Financial to Operations systems and vice versa. It is a single platform to manage every type of organizational asset – IT, to non-It, physical to virtual, hardware to software, contracts to entitlements. The data is directly read from the devices and correlates with the static data and this is dynamically updated through the asset lifecycle.

Our integrated systems and automatic reconciliation safeguards the integrity of your valuable asset data. The inbuilt analytics helps you with deep insights to improve asset utilization, optimize spend and improve your TCO. SapphireIM is highly configurable to make sure that your business processes are adapted without compromise.

SapphireIMS Asset Management
SapphireIMS Asset Management

Asset Life Cycle Management - Procure to Retire

Single Platform for Single Source of Asset Data

SapphireIMS is your “Single Platform” to manage every asset in your organization right from procurement to retire to disposal stage. The extremely flexible and configurable platform ensures that your business processes and policies are adapted without compromise. The insights driven platform proactively alerts you when any intervention is required for optimizing the asset utilization.

Module Features:

  • Powerful CMDB
  • Flexible and configurable workflows
  • Asset relationships & hierarchy
  • Warranty, contract and insurance tracking
  • Depreciation scheduler
  • ERP and third party integration
  • Barcode and QR code
SapphireIMS Asset Management

Discovery and Inventory

Agent and Agent-less Automatic Discovery and Mapping

Seamless stream of reliable asset information is the key for effective  asset management, monitoring and evaluating KPIs. Our agent and agent-less automatic discovery feature collects key asset configuration information from a diverse/ heterogeneous range of network connectable devices in the organization. This helps in maintaining the consistency and integrity of asset information and minimize human intervention.

Module Features:

  • Agent and agent-less models
  • Detailed hardware and software inventory
  • Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)
  • Offline and Internet based inventory
  • Inventory linking and reconciliation
  • Missing agent reconciliation
  • Inventory change tracking
  • Automated topology mapping
SapphireIMS Asset Management

Automation and Compliance

Better ROI and Operational Efficiency

The automated platform ensures a great deal of predictability into your asset management and also significantly reduces your time to manage them. SapphireIMS’ IT- automation provides a low touch operation model with the minimal resource requirement and keeps your IT infrastructure up-to-date, secure and complaint.

Module Features:

  • Patch management
  • Software deployment
  • Software removal
  • Process & task automation
  • Remote control
  • Power management
  • IT policy compliance
  • Antivirus compliance
SapphireIMS Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Cost Optimal and Policy Compliant Environment

Software Asset Management (SAM) provides a centralized view of all software assets within your organization. It enables you to effectively manage the assets at all stages of their life cycle to transform into a cost optimal and efficient policy compliant environment. The SAM manages all your risks with license and contract expiry notifications, software license compliance insights and software metering.

Module Features:

  • Detailed software inventory
  • Product recognition  and normalization
  • License & contract  data management
  • Microsoft MLS import
  • License & contract expiry notifications
  • Software license compliance
  • Extended data support for license reconciliation
  • Software metering
  • Software blacklisting


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