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Workflow Automation

by Irshad Ahamed | Mar 4, 2022 | Workflow Automation | 0 comments

What is Workflow Automation?

Any series of automated activities established to carry out normal business processes between people or technology is referred to as workflow automation.
Tasks that must be repeated regularly can feel like a waste of time for managers who could be spending their time on more essential things. This is where process automation enters the picture.

Understanding basic concept of workflow automation

Many people imagine something like the process flow diagram above when they think of workflow software and workflow automation. While in the past, this was the only option to automate workflows, there are now more intuitive and sophisticated forms accessible. Unlike ‘box and line’ diagrams, workflow software is characterized by simpler concepts that require little to no training, such as checklists, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), or Kanban. More managers have been able to automate procedures within their firms because of the advancement in the ease of workflow software.
Significant gains may be realized by automating workflows, especially those operations that are predominantly handled manually by personnel.

In what ways does it help you save time?
Workflow automation allows businesses to not only work more efficiently, but also more successfully as a team, by automating the work that is required for the coordination, administration, and execution of processes. This is due to the fact that automated processes ensure structure and accountability. With less time spent on time-consuming, manual processes, a team may focus on their specific abilities to grow a firm rather than merely sustain it. Employee on-boarding, for example, necessitates a routine and consistent process within the HR department to ensure that new hires feel comfortable in their new position. An automated SOP can be a powerful tool for breaking down the various components of on-boarding and ensuring that everything is covered. In an automated process, the danger of error, miscommunication, or oversight is greatly decreased by explicitly defining what the task is and who is responsible for it. The time-saving method of automated staff on-boarding

Workflow automation has several advantages over manual operations.

  • Better task management
  • Reduced mistakes
  • Better workload management
  • Continual process improvement
  • Policy compliance adherence
  • Reduced manual processing
  • Reduced approval processes
  • Improved visibility
  • Improved employee satisfaction

How to Automate Workflows That Are Already In Place

In most situations, the process is shown in a static manner and checked for accuracy by all stakeholders. After the design is complete, development on the actual process starts which includes forms, tasks, recipients, alerts and notifications, and so on, begins. This is accomplished with the use of workflow automation software, which provides pre-built activities that may be rearranged and connected as needed.
Automating your existing workflows is simple in SapphireIMS. Traditional workflow software can handle larger standardized procedures, however the cost, training, and resources needed to use it outweigh the advantages.
SapphireIMS’s easy-to-use workflow automation software is ideal for companies that need quick results. Let us know how you manage your  workflow manually to us via email or get in touch through our website, and SapphireIMS will automate it for you.

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