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Making Businesses Agile

by Kiran Mohan | Jul 3, 2017 | Making Businesses Agile | 0 comments

How to Make a Business Agile?


Competing and winning in the digital-age needs faster decision making, efficient operations, tighter collaboration and rapid innovation. In a nutshell, organizations need to be agile in all aspects and not just in the core functions. Agility is essential to your core business, but it is equally critical for the other business processes and functions too. Today’s modern business and work environment needs all functions to collaborate and work efficiently. Each function working at different efficiency levels and costs will slow down the entire organization. ERPs can be leveraged, but using them for operational process automation takes longer time and the costs are prohibitive.
Here is our framework that can help your business be agile and quickly respond to the business needs.

Enterprise Service Management

A good enterprise service management solution can help you double the effectiveness of business functions and achieve at least 50% cost reduction through automating the business processes. ESM breaks the silos and reaches to all functions (core and non-core), such as HR, Facilities, Operations, Financial Services, Security, Travel and Marketing. This solution brings every process on same platform and same data model to deliver integrated process and insights.


ITIL Service Desk

SLA-driven predictable service delivery improves employee and organizational efficiencies by at least 40%. The automation and analytics will enable you to predict and preempt issues further improving the employee efficiency. See here for a list of considerations for getting the right Service Desk for your organization.


Enterprise Asset Management

What is your asset utilization? What is your compliance level? On an average, 20% of real assets are not even part of the organizational asset data. A comprehensive asset management solution can help you reduce the asset over heads and costs by at least 30%. A single platform to manage all your assets can mean that the asset data flows seamlessly between your Financial (ERP) to Operations systems and vice versa. Dynamic inventory & compliance management features help you to get near real-time visibility into the usage pattern, configurations and compliance levels. The inbuilt analytics helps you with deep insights to improve asset utilization, ensure compliance, optimize spend and improve your TCO.

Business Service Monitoring (BSM)

BSM enables you to get insights on every mission critical component of your Business IT Infrastructure – be it performance, availability and capacity. This ensures business continuity by monitoring infrastructure, applications, services and user experience continually. Intelligent and proactive monitoring ensures an always available and healthy infrastructure for your employees to be efficient.


Service Lifecycle Management

Finally, you need a comprehensive solution covering the entire service lifecycle for your customer experience and profit management. The analytics and automation led solution enables you to drive non-linearity in your services by efficiently deploying technologies for proactive monitoring, remote diagnosis, IoT extensions, cloud and mobility.
We’ve had experience of helping over 350 companies start their agile journey. Do talk to us if you want to start the journey or speedup the pace if you’ve already started one. And yes, please do leave us your comments and experiences in making your business agile.

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