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SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Delight your Customers with Predictable Service Delivery

SapphireIMS Service Desk is an ITIL 2011 certified, enterprise grade, comprehensive IT Service Management Suite. It helps business enterprises and service providers to manage service operations and ensure guaranteed service delivery to their customers as per defined service level goals.

SapphireIMS enables you to implement ITIL best practices for incident, problem, change and service fulfillment processes to make the service delivery standardized and agile. The help desk brings a 100% visibility and improves performance of your service delivery through SLA measurements, compliance and escalations. The inbuilt analytics and insights drawn from custom dashboards and reports helps CxO’s make well informed decisions.


SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk Features


Go live in no time. Pre-shipped with ITIL aligned templates.


Pink verify 2011 certified


Automated Service Process


Extreme Flexibility and Codeless configuration


Omnichannel Access


Seamless Integration Capabilities

SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Incident Management

Predict and Pre-empt the Critical Incidents

Incidents which are interruptions or failure to services and assets need to be addressed quickly and impact to business operations minimized. SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk allows users to log incidents through multiple channels including a self-service portal, web interface, telephone, e-mails and SMS. Incidents are also raised on alarms or events from monitoring.

Incidents are categorized based on the Service, Category, Subcategory which makes it easier to route them towards the appropriate technician or workgroup which manages them.

Tickets can be automatically assigned to technicians based on attributes such as workload, specialization, location etc. A priority can be manually assigned or automatically based on a matrix using urgency and impact.

Incidents progress through various states in the workflow till they are resolved and closed.

SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Problem Management

Minimize impact of incidents that cannot be prevented

The automation and analytics features identifies repeated incidents and enables you raise a problem ticket with its associated category. A Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is done to investigate the problem and a work-around suggested and a Known Error published. Resolution could involve change management and a change ticket is opened and associated with the problem. Resolution may also require a vendor or 3rd party to provide resolution and this is supported within the workflow.

SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Change Management

Improve Operations and Minimize Impact on Service Quality

SapphireIMS Change Management module ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used to handle changes in the IT infrastructure to minimize impact on service quality and improve the operations. The platform caters to all kinds of changes whether they are – reactively considered in response to problems, proactively from seeking improved efficiency or to enable business and service improvement initiatives.

The change management workflow is flexible to handle any nature of change – standard, emergency or planned. The change is submitted for an approval to the Change Control Board (CAB) after which it is scheduled and implemented.

SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Request Fulfillment

Enhance Customer Experience with a Full-Catalog of Service Requests

Services can be of varying kinds, such as request for information, documentation or requests for IT services or hardware and software. SapphireIMS has a Service Catalog to hold the directory of services from which users can select any service.

In the course of fulfillment, the service request can initiate an incident ticket and link the corresponding incident. Similarly some service requests may need the change process to be initiated and an RFC can be triggered from the service request.

There could be costs associated with Service Fulfillment and SapphireIMS provides for computation of cost of service which includes manpower and material costs.

SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Service Catalog

Comprehensive, yet Simplified Service Request Submission

SapphireIMS’ service catalog enables the IT organization to create and publish new services to users. The service catalog contains comprehensive information on the services, such as description, scope of service, availability, cost, duration, status. Quick Templates are created that can be accessed and used through the self-service portal. A set of built-in Quick Templates are available for commonly used IT services. These simplify submission of tickets by users.

SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Service Level Management

Proactive Pre-Notifications to Ensure High Service Level Management 

SapphireIMS allows Service Levels to be defined in accordance with business needs to increase customer satisfaction and technician productivity. Service Levels can be set for each type of service and can be defined based on parameters, such as urgency, priority, class of user, category of service, type of asset or combinations of these.

Escalations can be either be raised by users or generated by the system on major incident submission, SLA violation or a change in priority of a ticket. You can define multiple levels of escalations for hierarchical escalations.

SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Knowledge Management

Resolve Incidents with Rich and Context Sensitive Knowledge Base

SapphireIMS helps you to build your knowledge-base based on incident record resolution details or previous experiences. This ensures ensure completeness of KB articles via Knowledge-base manager approval mechanism for new articles. Key features of SapphireIMS Knowledge Management Module:

  • Helps service desk engineers to resolve incidents
  • Easier access to KB articles for-end users through context sensitive KB article display in record submission form
  • Log of error records, created after a problem is published to KEDB to help incident management staff resolve incidents
  • Sharing of known error information
  • Approval mechanism to store known error database or knowledge base details
  • Search contents and manage the same
  • Upload frequently used documents and corporate software to the portal
  • Make them available for end-users to download through restrictions with roles
SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Comprehensive Database of Information on All Service Desk Components

These components or Configuration Items (CI) include physical entities such as hardware, software – documents, such as purchase orders, maintenance contracts – logical entities, such as database instances and conceptual entities, such as accounts or projects. The CI holds diverse information about the assets, infrastructure and virtually all functions.

Relationship mapping between CI is used to track dependencies such as impact of an infrastructure on a service or associations such as list of equipment under maintenance contract with a specific vendor or even the list of peripherals connected to a desktop.

The CMDB can hold information about IT as well as non IT entities in the organization.

SapphireIMS ITIL Service Desk

Self-Service Portal

Resolve Issues at the Speed of Light with our Self-Service Portal

SapphireIMS Service Desk has a self-service portal and a knowledge base which allows issues and solutions to be captured and searched. The exhaustive knowledge-base enables users for self-service and help to substantially reduce call volumes. The knowledge-base can also be used to improve service desk technician productivity by helping in speedier resolution. Technicians can add entries in the Knowledge Base and it goes through an approval process before it gets published.

A Known Error Database (KEDB) is populated as a result of Problem Management where known errors can be documented and searched for by users before raising a ticket. A Knowledge Repository can be used to publish documents for users. Documents can be uploaded and made available to users.

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