Achieve 50% cost reduction by automating your businesses processes

Double the efficiencies of your business functions
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Reduction in Manual Processes and Bandwidth


Improvement in Personnel Productivity


Reduction in Process and People Costs


Improvement in Service Delivery

SapphireIMS Enterprise Service Management

Agility for every business process

Agility is essential to your core business. It is equally critical for the other business processes and functions too. Today’s modern business and work environment needs all functions to collaborate and work efficiently. Each function working at different efficiency levels and costs will slow down the entire organization. ERPs can be leveraged, but they are rigid to adapt and implementation costs are prohibitive.

SapphireIMS Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution digitizes and automates the work processes that can double your efficiencies and cut cost by over 50% making your business agile. Our solution breaks the silos and reaches to all your functions (core and non-core), brings every process on same platform and same data model to deliver integrated process and insights.

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SapphireIMS Enterprise Service Management Features


One Solution

For every Service, Asset and Process management needs of your enterprise

Affordable & Scalable

Scale to any business process and offices globally

Flexible and configurable platform

Digitize and automate any process easily and effectively

No more silos

Integrates and interacts with core business apps – ERP, HRMS, enterprise IT infra and other business apps of choice

Context aware and Automation enabled

Built-in intelligence to analyze and recommend appropriate action

Omnichannel Access

Intuitive interface enables easy adoption with superior end-user experience

Enterprise Service Management Modules

SapphireIMS Enterprise Service Management

HR Service Management

Human Resource teams work best when they focus on employee engagement, retention and making the employees more productive at work. However, majority of their bandwidth goes into managing routine requests. SapphireIMS helps you to automate all the mundane requests and helps your HR teams to focus on strategic aspects.

Module Features:

  • Employee profile
  • Service requests
  • Letter requests
  • Policies and clarifications
  • No-due clearance


Cross Functional Process

SapphireIMS extends its features to any function enabling a collaborative and consistent performance of the organization. The cross-functional module enhances the employee experience by delivering a unified service across departments.

Module Features:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Off boarding
  • Employee Movement
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Event Management Requests


Facility and Operations

SapphireIMS helps your facilities team to efficiently address all the service requests and improve the employee experience and productivity.

Module Features:


  • Maintenance operations
  • Preventive maintenance scheduler
  • Vendor operations management
  • Office stationary requests
  • Workplace allocation
  • Energy consumption tracker
SapphireIMS Enterprise Service Management

Financial Services Management

SapphireIMS Financial Service Management module simplifies and streamlines the advances, loans and importantly the claims and reimbursement processes. Our solution helps in maximizing self-service and reducing the turn around times, thus improving the employee experience.

Module Features:

  • Claims and reimbursements
  • Advances and loans
  • PF / VPF queries
  • Tax relates queries
SapphireIMS Enterprise Service Management

Security and Access Service Management

Free up your security and facilities team bandwidth for the core work than responding to the routine service requests.

Module Features:

  • Access control
  • Gate pass
  • Employee ID card management
  • Vehicle pass
SapphireIMS Enterprise Service Management

Travel and Hospitality Service Management

Cut through the manual process of sending requests, approval, booking, change request and again the cycle of approvals. Free up your travel team’s time by simplifying and automating the entire travel and hospitality processes.

Module Features:

  • Travel management
  • Accommodation management
  • Transport requests

Applications Across All Business Functions

SapphireIMS Enterprise Service Management extends to all functions in the organization. This includes Marketing, Legal, Learning and Development, Telecom Service Management. Write to us to know more.

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