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Business Service Monitoring

Automation and Analytics for Always Available and Healthy IT Infrastructure

SapphireIMS Business Service Monitoring (BSM) enables proactive management of IT services by monitoring infrastructure and services for availability and health. SapphireIMS BSM enables you to get insights on every critical component of your IT Infrastructure – be it performance, availability and capacity. This ensures business continuity by monitoring infrastructure, applications, services and user experience continually. The simplified, yet comprehensive visualization with layered maps of the topology or service tree enables you to get the picture of the infrastructure health and at the same time gives you insights for effective decision making.

SapphireIMS BSM accelerates the incident management by automating the incident creation. It proactively manages IT services using capacity planning reports, health and performance trends analysis.

SapphireIMS Business Service Monitoring

Wide Range of Infrastructure Components Monitored

Sever Monitoring





Virtual Infrastructure


Services & Process





Security Devices

Synthetic Transactions



TCP Ports

Active Directory


Custom Poller

SapphireIMS Business Service Monitoring

Discover and Monitor

Get insights on all critical components of your IT Infrastructure for its Performance, Availability, Capacity and Defects. Sapphire Business Service Monitoring intelligently detects issues against set thresholds and dynamically compares it with the historical data. It’s ADDM capability ensures the dependent application components are discovered and then added to monitoring.

Module Features:

  • Global, site and system level thresholds
  • Dynamic thresholds
  • Application discovery & dependency mapping
  • Configurable polling Interwells
  • Supports centralized and distributed architecture
SapphireIMS Business Service Monitoring 1

Filter and Correlate

Identify the right alerts immediately, prioritize the critical ones and start working on it without getting lost in the flood of information. SapphireIMS’ s intelligent event filtering and correlation capabilities make it smarter and automated.

Module Features:

  • Event classification
  • Event filtering
  • Event correlation
SapphireIMS Business Service Monitoring

Diagnose and Resolve

Detailed inventory and performance history enables the diagnosis quick & easy. Ensures seamless service operations by automating ticket creation in ITSM, categorizing high priority tickets and assigning to the right resolver group.

Module Features:

  • Auto ticket creation
  • Notifications
  • Event console
  • Detailed inventory and performance view
SapphireIMS Business Service Monitoring

Align to Business

Visualize your infrastructure the way your business sees it and then measure performance and availability accordingly. SapphireIMS allows you to create business service SLAs and views to make this simpler. The map view visualization will provide insights  on the relationships and dependencies between your assets.

Module Features:

  • Map view
  • Business services view
  • Business SLA
SapphireIMS Business Service Monitoring

Analyze and Automate

SapphireIMS’ s automation framework enables self healing,  process automation and helps to achieve faster resolutions and non linear operations model. The intelligent capacity planning inputs will ensure your infrastructure never runs out of capacity.

Module Features:

  • Event based task automation
  • Service process automation
  • Automated event generation
  • Capacity planning

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